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    Posted on February 4, 2015 by in Management and Leadership

    Why is “Leading in a Matrix” a Hot Topic ?

    leading in a matrix

    As more and more organisations are restructuring to optimise their business processes across international operations, many managers and team leaders find themselves having to lead in a matrix environment. They not only face the challenges of remote team management, but additional challenges associated with influencing outcomes in the matrix without having positional power with their stakeholders.

    Advantages of Matrix Organisation Structures include improved ability to:

    1. turn-around multi-disciplinary tasks and projects.
    2. collaborate with people across traditional vertical silos.
    3. gain access to talent in the broader organisation.
    4. serve global customers efficiently and effectively.
    5. manage supply chains that extend outside the organisation.
    6. respond more flexibly and quickly to changing priorities.


    What are the Key Challenges ?

    I delivered a course for one of my clients on this subject in March 2013. They are a global organisation and the matrix organisation structure is key to their survival and success. The challenges experienced by the 12 matrix leaders on the course is reflected below:

    challenges of leading in a matrix

    It’s no surprise to see that most of the challenges are to do with:

    1. communication
    2. influencing, engaging and managing stakeholders
    3. clarity of roles, responsibilities and priorities in the context of organisation goals


    How Can We Help ?

    Aikaizen consultants have a wealth of practical experience to develop the leadership skills of those having to lead in a matrix environment. This is built on several years of personal experience as matrix leaders, as well as the experiences we have have gleaned from our clients.

    • We know what works.
    • We know what is practical.
    • We have a toolbox of tools that we have developed over the years.
    • We know how to add value beyond the traditional practices of working in co-located hierarchical teams.



    Our course on Leading People in a Matrix Environment can be customised to the industry and specific challenges faced by your teams.


    Our 1:1 coaching is delivered through a mix of face-to-face, telephone and webinar discussion. Our coaching programmes on the topics of virtual teams, remote team leadership and matrix management deal with the specific issues faced by the individual at their local working environment within the context of the broader virtual relationships they have to influence and collaborate with.

    Furthermore, our coaching programme is time-boxed within a maximum 3-month period (typical average duration is 2 months). Coachees will experience the benefits of the external intervention from the very first session, and will be able to see measurable improvements and benefits by the end of the engagement.

    >Team Building and Conference Facilitation

    Having the team together in a face-to-face environment is a golden opportunity for team building. Aikaizen has over 15 years experience in designing and delivering successful team building events of all sizes and all over EMEA. We can work with you by delivering:

    • full-time team building (overnight, one-day or half-day); and
    • conference facilitation assistance, including motivational talks, team building exercises, business problem solving and fun evening events.

    Please contact us to discuss your virtual team challenges and how we can help you move teams to the next level of performance.

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