• 7 Reasons Why You Get More for your Money with In-House Training

    Posted on April 24, 2013 by in Training

    In-house trainingPublic training events have their place. If you want to use the opportunity to meet other professionals, network and benchmark against other organisations, then attending a public training course will satisfy those needs.

    However, if the primary objectives are to provide a focused, impactful learning experience that delivers greater future value to your business, then in-company training is much more efficient and effective.

    Here are my top 7 reasons why I am a big proponent of in-company training:

    1. The course is tailored to fully meet your objectives.
    2. The participants all have a shared experience and develop a common languageon the subject matter during the training event. This leads to greater collaboration when applying the skills learnt after the course. A form of team building also naturally takes place.
    3. The course exercises comprise relevant company and industry case studies and examples.
    4. Our experience has shown that participants take greater ownership for implementing the lessons learnt following an in-company event compared to public training events.
    5. The course is much more relevant and applicable to all concerned. Our research has shown that at public courses, delegates only use 20% or less of what was covered; participants attending in-company training use 60% or more of what was covered.
    6. In-company training is also substantially more cost-effective than public events since you are not paying a per-delegate rate.
    7. You have greater flexibility in terms of timing and location to fit in with your existing training and meeting schedules.

    So next time you identify a training need in your organisation, begin with the end in mind. Sure, Joe in Sales may want to attend a “Solution Selling” public course, but think more broadly… are there others that would benefit from this course ? What if we brought Marketing and Sales together and had a focused industry-specific course on Solution Selling ? Much more cost-effective per head, much more value add, much more enjoyable and much more sustainable learning leading to greater future value for your organisation.

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