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A Practical Handbook for Leading Remote Teams

June 12, 2016

Practical Remote Team LeadershipThe most popular topic I have been asked to consult and train on is about leading remote teams.  This is not a new subject area, as distributed teams have been the norm in most organisations for many years.  Several books have also been written on leading remote teams, so why this book on leading remote teams?

The feedback I’ve had from people attending my courses is that they have read books on remote team management and leadership, but they have found very few practical take-aways that they could implement immediately.  Most of these people are senior managers who don’t have time to devise their own tools and templates.  They want tangible, practical guidance to help them in their roles.  That is what this book provides.  A toolkit to help you manage and lead remote teams effectively.

This book provides an essential and up-to-date toolkit for remote managers and team leaders.  It is packed with free-to-use tools and templates that remote leaders use to successfully lead their distributed teams.  Purchase this book if you need tangible, practical guidance to help you in your role as a distance manager.

Tools and Templates for Leading Remote Teams:

  1. 5 Benefits Evaluation Scorecard
  2. 7 Benefits Evaluation Scorecard – Weighted
  3. Remote Leadership Complexity Assessment
  4. Code of Collaboration Example
  5. Remote Team Effectiveness Assessment
  6. RACI/PARIS Matrix
  7. 1:1 DASH Meeting Framework
  8. Team Performance Dashboards
  9. Individual Task List for Matrix Managers
  10. Team Motivation Needs
  11. PLANTT Communication Checklist
  12. Meeting Effort-Value Audit
  13. PASTA Virtual Meeting Checklist
  14. CARE Email Checklist
  15. Email Protocol Example
  16. Checklist: Attributes of the Ideal Remote Team Member
  17. Remote Team Member Interview Sheet


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